Greetings from the Harmony Search Algorithm (HSA) research group. Thank you for visiting our website. We study nature’s search algorithm of improvisation, especially musical improvisation, to solving difficult optimization problems on a computer. I sincerely hope this website can be served as a solid platfortm for providing key useful information on HSA.

HSA description and source codes Since HSA was first introduced in 2001, it has drawn a world-wide attention which comes to the citations of over 5,600 and used in various research areas not only civil engineering, computer science, industrial engineering but also business, economy, anthropology and art. This website includes the description of HSA for beginners with the source code in visual basic, matlab, and python. HSA variants classification As many other meta-heuristic optimization algorithms, various versions of HSA have been developed to improve the search ability of the original algorithm (e.g., Adaptive HS, Parameter-Setting-Free HS, Hybrid HS, Chaos Harmony methods). We classified the variants of HSA based on the point where the major modification/improvement is made. Therefore, you will be able to efficiently find a set of HSA publications by choosing the classification criteria, major fields, and publication year in this website.

Real-time upload of new HSA publications, When a new HSA paper is published, it is updated and classified in real time in this website. So you can check the state-of-the-art HSA studies right away.

Information on International Conference on Harmony Search, Soft Computing and Applications (ICHSA) The first International Conference on HSA was held in 2014 for an need to bring together researchers who study on and with HSA. Based on the success of the first conference, for more in-depth discussion on HSA and other optimization algorithms, from second conference to sixth conference held in 2020 has been held periodically at home and abroad. Thus, HSA website provide how ICHSA progressed each time with the program book, conference proceeding, photo, etc.

Communication among HSA users This website also share a series of interviews recorded at ICHSA or other international conference on soft computing to hear the HSA users’ opinions. Interviews will be conducted on whether it derive optimal solutions so that there is no scope for further improvement, whether it get trapped into local optima, what kind of changes in the algorithmic structure would improve performance, whether it finds the optimal solution faster and whether it is easy to organize code. So you can consider things you didn't think of and have a deep understanding of HSA and optimization algorithm.

Finally, through this website, visitors can understand HSA, obtain the recent trend of the HSA, use it in research to present better outcomes and think deeply about improving the performance of algorithms. I hope this website will be a venue for active communication about HSA and visitors can use this website well to get as much information as possible to propose a key directions to visitors‘ research area.

Joong-Hoon, Kim